Amid the sad stories we have to deal with and report to you, it's wonderful and refreshing to hear some of the great success stories where pets have been rehomed and bonded well with new loving, caring people. 
Thank you to everyone who lets us know how their new furry friends are getting on. If you've rehomed a pet from us and would like to tell the world, let us know!
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Hi, I am Alice and I am 20 weeks old now.
My family adopted me a few weeks ago and my new best friend is Harley the Yorkie.
I love to play outside, climb and explore. Sometimes the hens in the garden chase me when I go near the coop. I am learning new things everyday. My favourite place is to snuggle up on my mums' bed at night. In the morning I wake her up with a kiss or paw her face. Running in and out of the rooms, leaping over Harley and charging up and down the cat tree is so much fun, I can do this for an hour before teatime. Then I chill out at the top of the cat tree.
My mum says I purr most of the time and hold out my paw to say hello. She also says I am very clever and beautiful, and loved very much.
Alice is doing brilliantly.
Myrtle (pictured on the sofa with handsome Bailey) has just been adopted by the same lovely family who adopted Bailey from us last year.
They say "..She is not scared of Bailey at all! She is like his shadow! But the more he walks away the more she follows, then pounces at him in a playful manner! She also a big fan of his tail! He he. But they are doing really good together. "
"she has settled really well and is very relaxed.
She's never  far from our 3 year old son's side  - think they're buddies for life"
"Willow was very nervous and shy when she came to us, having had  a chaotic start in life.
It didn’t take her long to settle in to her new home as you can see, this is her after 1 week.
She follows us around the house purring! I guess she knows she’s now onto a good thing."
"Just thought I would share a couple of photos of the 2 kittens we adopted from you a couple of weeks ago. Bonnie and Clyde as they are known now have settled really well. They love getting up to mischief - climbing chimneys and trying to get into the dishwasher to name 2! 
However please send on my thanks to whoever hand reared them as they haven't tried scratching furniture or people yet. They are both the most loving kittens I've ever met. "
"I wanted to write in to tell you how much we love Poppy (aka Yoko) and how well she's fitted into our home.
When we picked Poppy up from Jackie's, her foster mum, she was so quiet on the car ride home. I thought she might take a while to come out of her shell when we got home.
However, she strolled out of her carrier like she owned the place and hasn't looked back.
It's amazing that for all she's been through in her short life, she is still so confident and relaxed. It didn't take her long to start exploring the house and then eventually start meeting the other three cats. We were really hoping she'd be a good playmate for our 1.5 year old girl Ebony and we weren't disappointed. They had to work each other out to begin with, but they are now great pals and can often be heard thundering around the house together.
Our other two older cats, Devon (10) and Ishmael (9) aren't as enthusiastic but they will have a little play every once in a while. We're so happy Poppy has come to live with us and can't imagine life without her!
Thank you so much to Jackie and the RSPCA for looking after her until she became part of
our family."
"This is Scarlet. Scarlet was found by my daughter and her partner when she came to their window asking for help, needless to say we fed her and gave her water... a week or so later Scarlet was spotted with a lovely ginger kitten! And they knew at that point that they could not leave Scarlet and her kitten without a home. Within a few days they were both caught and taken to the Barnsley RSPCA.
We thought that was the end, but when we saw Scarlet we knew we couldn't let her go. We went out to see her soon after and adopted her as soon as we could! Scarlet has now been with us since August. And She is such a happy and playful cat .. we just couldn't imagine life without her now! She loves to play all the time and often doesn't accept that you need to go to work or sleep at night. She also likes to wake us up in the night and have a fuss but won't yet stay and snuggle.
She also still adores my daughter, possibly because she remembers it was her who saved her. Scarlet will follow her around the house when she's home, meowing at her for attention!
She loves all the attention she gets and is very happy to be part of the family!"
Lovely, bouncy and cuddly Mango and Pepper came in together and went to their new home together, They have settled really well and have been re-named Harry & Will because as the lady of the house tells us.....they are her Ginger Princes .........!
Happy Christmas for the boys.
Mojo was found with 3 siblings in a garden. They were very cold & dehydrated and 3 of them died but our star fosterer Sandra battled on with him and he has made an amazing kitten.
'He has just started exploring the outside world. He is such an energetic, lovely cat. We can't have him in our room at night, cos we wouldn't get any sleep, but when we let him in, in the morning, he jumps up and just wants cuddles and has the hugest purr! The kids love him to bits and finally, the older cat seems to have accepted him...
'I don't know who fostered him when he came in, but we just wanted to say thank you. You have given us the most gorgeous pet and he has his forever home with us.'
  • Alice
  • Bailey & Myrtle
  • Coco
    (was Snowflake)
  • Willow
  • Bonnie & Clyde
  • Poppy
  • Scarlet
  • Mango & Pepper
    (Now Harry & Will)
  • Mojo
Before After
Batman came in in a shocking state, poorly eyes & great big ears!
He came in on 25 July 2016 and the vets didn't rate his chances - he had runny eyes, alive with fleas, rampant diarrhoea and vets gave him a body score of 2 out of 5.
With a  lot of TLC though from our volunteer fosterer, and the same from his 'new' family of one year, he is now such a truly handsome lad.
'His favourite place to be, is outside by the pond (unless it raining). He loves the frogs and doesn't mind getting wet either. He'll dip his feet in the water.
He seems to be a gentle cat, although he loves to torment the frogs, if he finds one, I've yet to see him kill one. I've seen him carry one in his mouth, only to put it in the middle of the lawn so he can paw at it as it makes its way back.
We are all enjoying him.'
Here's Murphy. He had been left behind along with the rubbish when his owners moved out when he was only 6 months old. Hence he was very grumpy and nervous, and flinched when you went near him - but what a difference an adoption and a loving owner makes -  this stunning looking man now has a new home, an owner that loves him to bits and even some feline friends in the neighbouring cats.
Murphy 'loves ear rubs and belly tickles'!
Boy and Missy were two kittens who were not connected in any way and not even the same age - and they have gone from strength to strength, even though they've only been in their new home together for a month.
Their new adopted mum and dad say "we couldnt be more pleased with how they have settled in, both with us and with each other"
Tilly came in as a terrified little cat who was particularly scared of men -  having now found her new forever home with her new  'mum &  dad'  she is now such a loved member of the family and they cannot imagine life without her.
Betsy came in to us after being found wandering with her 5 kittens. She'd carried all 5 kittens up hill and down dale to get them through an open bathroom window to safety!
Her lovely new family waited until she was all done with the kittens and then they collected her and she is now an Essex girl!
She settled in immediately and as you can see she loves helping with homework!!
'Sadie & Sasha' came to us at the beginning of February after their owner could no longer care for them.
They were soon adopted by a lovely family who came all the way from Tyne & Wear for them.
They're now Smudge and Fudge, and have a climbing tower which is so big their family have had to move all the furniture to fit it in!
They say "They are chasing each other round & round , and up and down the stairs and really enjoying all the space - they are both lovely, they are our babies, thank you for letting us have them".
Little Boo went to her new home in November 2016. Her new family say- "When Boo first met us all she was very shy and timid, but now she's so playful and happy.
She follows me everywhere I go, cries outside the door if it's shut behind me until I open it. She never leaves my side.
Boo definitely has a very loving family that care and treat her like a princess, she's my favourite and my soul mate."
"We absolutely love our new family! What gorgeous kittens- so friendly & loving they are, I can't tell you how happy they are & how happy & lucky we are to have them.
Also we are very great full to the RSPCA for allowing us to have these little angels.
Although we already have a great secure set up for the cats/kittens, We are now in the process of adding extra security in the garden for added safety."
These three kittens are lucky enough to have their own play/bedroom and secure outdoor play area. They look like they're having fun, don't they?
Meet Domino & Pepper (formerly Aramis & Chanel) who went to live with their loving new family in Cheshire in October and are 'bringing such happiness and laughter in their home'.
Sooty and Oscar went to their new home last summer and are adored by their new family!
  • Batman
  • Murphy
  • Boy and Missy
    (was 'Nero' and 'Doris')
  • Tilly (was 'Teddy')
  • Betsy
  • Smudge & Fudge
    (Sadie & Sasha)
  • Boo
  • Three Lucky Kittens!
  • Domino & Pepper
  • Sooty & Oscar
Nutmeg (or Meggy as she's now known) was abandoned, totally emaciated and collapsed and brought in to us by inspectors.
Unsurprisingly, after much TLC, with her beautiful appearance and personality to match, she was soon rehomed with her new, loving family and has settled in wonderfully.
...The adoption process for Nutmeg was straight forward and quick.
She is now loving the freedom of both in and outside the house. She's very loving, loyal and affectionate, readily comes to us for cuddles or a brush and is much enjoying her food, especially tuna!'
Meggy's new family sent us some photos of her on her first day allowed in the garden.Gorgeous, isn't she?
'Winston settled really well and has totally made himself at home, he loves playing with his new toys and is very entertaining.
Its lovely to have a cat in the home again.'
'Hi - I just wanted to let you know how Bodie and Doyle are doing... We took them in recently and they have been living with us for 10 days.
At first they were really scared and hid under the Christmas Tree all of the time... Then they hid under the kitchen units... Then they hid under my daughters bed... Then I opened a drawer in the kitchen and found them both in there!!!
Now though, after just 10 days with us they have gotten used to us! We have changed their names... the white one is Mog (like the storybook) - he is sat next to me as I type, trying to catch my fingers! The ginger one is Marmalade.
They play and play and play all day with each other and also with the cat toys they have inherited. They love the scratching post and chase each other up and down it! They both love lots of cuddles and can purr sooooo loud!
We love them both to pieces!'
I just wanted to say adopting a cat from the RSPCA Barnsley was one of the best things I ever did.
I was a little apprehensive that my new friend (Milo) may be shy and not fit into home life easily but he was content from day one.
He is the sweetest, friendliest cat and so well behaved!
We adopted him in Feb 2015 and he makes us so happy.
Your team do an amazing job!
Squirrel is winning!!~Chillaxing with her new friend~Doing what squirrels do!~Better to gaze at than the TV~Being glamorous~Pretending to be a  lamp!~Nothing better than warm paving to roll on~
We think it's safe to say that beautiful Squirrel has settled into her forever home very easily!
Squirrel came in to us in March as a stray with her three gorgeous kittens. Within a couple of weeks she had a lovely new home and adopted, adoring family.
Here she is, getting up to mischief in the garden, playing board games and generally lounging around looking like she has the world at her feet, with her new friend.
Pandora3 of Pandora's 5 kittens before re-homing
I thought it was about time I got in touch to give you an update on the life and times of Pandora. Our feisty little madam!
She came to us after we saw her on the Barnsley website and fell in love with her. She had been named Jewel, but we felt that Pandora fitted her character better.
Pandora tears around the house like a whirling dervish at times and is always looking for something to play with; toes under the duvet are a good source of entertainment for her. She is proving very difficult to photograph as she never sits still for long! She makes us laugh constantly with her antics. We call her Panda, or Pan for short, both of which are actually short for pandemonium, which is what always seems to follow her around.
Julie warned us that she was very vocal and oh yes, she is certainly that. Always miaowing loudly and letting us know she is about, and none more so than first thing in a morning when she decides it is breakfast time. She jumps on the bed and parades up and down on top of us, waiting for one of us to react, if that fails we get a nose pressed onto our faces, when we ignore these attempts, she then throws herself against one of us and snuggles in purring and wriggling until we submit to her demands. Who could ignore that!?
She loves to play and no piece of string, catnip mouse, cat toy or scratching post is safe - she beats them all into submission! She is also a very independent little girl and loves having a cat flap. Although in the first couple of days she had the use of the catflap, she managed to get herself locked in to our neighbours garage overnight. She doesn't care what the weather is doing either, if she wants to go out in the pouring rain she will, although she isn't too popular when she leaps on the bed demanding breakfast at 5.30am, dripping wet through!
At present she is mesmerised by the frogs and frogspawn in our pond, I'm sure all the frogs have flat heads from her smacking them! (.....and yes, she did fall in once, and yes, she can swim and climb out again very quickly, and yes, we did laugh at her, and yes, she ignored us for the rest of the day!).
We feel very honoured to have her and we love her to bits. Thank you for finding her and taking her in.
Minnie and Merlin are doing really well, enjoying exploring the garden - although we lost Merlin up a tree one night and it took us over an hour to get him down, he was very frightened poor thing.
Minnie is very playful and likes to curl up on our knees. Merlin is less cuddly now but likes to roll onto his back for a tummy tickle!! They are very much a part of the family.
Hello, my foster carers at RSPCA Barnsley!
I would like to let you know how spoilt and looked after I am. My mummy calls me her "little girly".
I have settled in really well and as you can see on my photo I have become Bobby (my brothers) shadow. I never leave him alone, and love to curl up to him and we sleep, play and chase each other at 'stupid o'clock' in the night. During the day I follow him around in the garden.
I have found that with only having one back paw I cannot jump high, I manage to get on the sofa or bed but nothing higher, so I am safe only being able to explore the back garden! I have also learnt to climb up my mum and dad's leg (ouch) if they are making sandwiches, as I like to share their ham/chicken and tuna.
I have become very popular with the vets when I go for my check ups, they are amazed at how long and fluffy my tail is, I can wrap my tail all the way round me when I am asleep.
I just want to say thank you for giving me a great start in life, I will keep in touch
Sooty xxx
Hi, my name is Tiger (that’s me at the front). I am a triplet with my 2 sisters Panther and Lynx.
We were found under a shed by a kind older lady and because we were hungry and cold we were rescued by Auntie Jackie at the RSPCA. Unfortunately there wasn’t much room for us with Auntie Jackie as she already had lots of other cats that she was fostering and Auntie Vanessa let us stay in her study, so we could tell her when we wanted to play.
Phil and Hannah came to visit us when they saw our picture on the RSPCA website and they said they were looking for 2 long-haired kittens (like Panther and Lynx) but I was so cute that they decided they would adopt all 3 of us! We were very pleased about that because we love to play together and groom each other. When we were big enough we had our vaccinations at Abbey Vets and then moved to Phil and Hannah’s house.
We’re getting really big now and are very good at jumping and running and having play-fights with each other.
I love to try and get Hannah-cat to play fight with me by biting her chin but she doesn’t seem to like that, so I try to jump up her legs when she is washing up but she doesn’t like that much either.  Phil-cat is a bit big to fight and so I just lick his face clean for him as he doesn’t seem to clean it himself.
Panther is getting very good at climbing she can climb on the door to look out of the glass and she worked out how to climb up the drawer handles to reach our toys in the kitchen.
Lynx is very sensible and patient with all our antics and she especially likes lying in front of the fire-box the humans make for us when it’s cold.
We love our new home as we have lots of space to run around and Phil and Hannah give us lots of cuddles. We hope that you will want to love one of the cats that Auntie Jackie is fostering so she can have a bit more space in case they find some more kittens under a shed like us.
HomePlay Time~Mia with her new friend, TiaMia in her cosy radiator bed
You may remember beautiful Mia, who was brought to us as an 8 week old kitten.
Previously she had been abused, her face sliced open and her hind leg so badly smashed that it had to amputated.
Thankfully, she was brought to us, to find her a permanent, loving home where she could learn that the world is not all bad, and that someone would look after her and give her the love she deserves.
Here she is now, in her new, cosy, warm home with her new friend, Tia, and her toys.
What a happy ending, finally for this little girl!
Waiting, waiting....NormanStanleyNorman and Stanley in their lovely new home.
Ben and Jerry- two identical, gorgeous boys who were cruelly dumped at only 5 months old.
Thankfully, their adopters could see their lovely temperaments, and chose them over the fluffy kittens.
Here they are waiting for a  new home- then individually- and finally looking so cosy in their new bed!
They also have fabulous new names, Norman & Stanley due to their adopters' love of 'Porridge'!
How gorgeous and handsome are they??
Meet Marley.
Marley (or Vinnie, as we named him for adoption purposes) was found as a tiny kitten, standing terrified in the middle of a very busy road.
Picture one shows him on the first day when he arrived in his lovely new home. He was a shy little boy, but a livewire none the less!
5 Months on, after several growing spurts, he is still having his LONG Mad Half Hours, but is a very handsome, relaxed and happy young man, thanks to his new family.

  • Nutmeg
  • Winston
  • Bodie & Doyle
  • Milo
  • Squirrel
  • Pandora (Jewel)
  • Minnie & Merlin
  • Sooty (Ella)
  • 3 Fluffy Babies
  • Mia
  • Norman & Stanley
    (Ben & Jerry)
  • Marley
Zimba & Zoom are now called Seth & Martha.
They were found in a cardboard box on the slip road to the M1, understandably terrified, but thankfully these two beautiful cats have been rehomed together as outdoor cats- and thanks to their new, caring adopters, we can now report on their progress.
'Both cats are doing fine, growing in confidence daily. Initially both were very timid and nervous, Seth appeared more so than Martha, however now they have got some space and are out and about this is not as evident (although they will run and hide if they hear a strange voice).
Seth will come to you for a fuss etc although I do not see as much of him as I do Martha, he tends to do his own thing. Martha on the other hand is always about and is very vocal especially when she has done something new, eg climbed on to the top of fence and let everyone know, climbed onto large bale of hay and we all knew! She is very funny if a little aloof. They are as different as chalk and cheese but equally delightful.'
Alfie and Rod were kittens from seperate litters who came into RSPCA care independently, but they just 'clicked' and became inseperable. Alfie was brought in due to welfare concerns and Rod was brought in entangled in fishing lines, horrifically with this fishing hook (pictured) in his face.
Thankfully some wonderful people adopted these lovely boys together and, as you can see, they are very settled and doing great!
Alfie is now allowed out but has already been stuck up two trees (requiring a tree surgeon on one occasion!) and little Rod, despite now being 6 months is still very tiny, but he too will soon be given adventuring rights!
Ozzy better picTommy OzzyTommy 2
'He really has been worth the wait.
 I am sure we have a long way to go with this little chap in building his confidence, and our aim is to get him to forget all the awful things that’s happened in his past by loving him unconditionally, as he certainly deserves it, and we are committed to achieving this as a family.
Tommy has certainly helped Mum with the loss of my Dad as it’s the first time I have seen her smile for a while, but she was grinning like a Cheshire cat this afternoon - they are perfect for each other.
I would recommend rehoming a cat to anyone feeling lonely, as it's given my mum a new lease of life... think they have saved each other.
Thank you for your help and support.
Tommy is going from strength to strength and is starting to enjoy the safety of a loving home.
'My mum has showered him with affection and each day he gets stronger.
He's gone from hiding & popping out for a few seconds, to playing in the middle of the room with an audience!
Slowly but surely he is creeping up onto my mums knee for a short cuddle, and totally shocked her on Sunday when he stretched out in full, laid at the side of  her on the couch for hours!
He really is a pleasure and a delightful cat.'
A man had been demolishing his garden shed when he heard some squeaks from the kittens and rang us for some help. We found three kittens.
'We are so lucky to have them in our lives. They have made a world of difference to us as we hardly ever watch TV these day we just watch them playing, fighting and generally causing havoc!
Thank you Barnsley RSPCA we are proud to support you and thank you for your wonderful service right from our first phone call to Jackie, foster mum Carolyn to the vets and aftercare. We will keep you up to date with our babies progress and look forward to continued capers that brighten our lives every day.'
  • Zimba & Zoom
  • Alfie & Rod
  • Tommy (Ozzy)
  • Tinkerbell, Salem
    & Silvermist