Amid the sad stories we have to deal with and report to you, it's wonderful and refreshing to hear some of the great success stories where pets have been rehomed and bonded well with new loving, caring people. 
Thank you to everyone who lets us know how their new furry friends are getting on. If you've rehomed a pet from us and would like to tell the world, let us know!
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27 January
This is Motsi, our 10 week old kitten. She is absolutely  adorable. Very fun loving, extremely playful and into everything. Motsi is however also very affectionate and loves her cuddle time. It is hard to believe she has only been with us a short while but we cannot now imagine life without her. 
We delayed getting a new cat for four years, as had so many wonderful memories of our previous beautiful girl that we simply could imagine replacing her. But Motsi has settled in brilliantly and is such an important part of our lives already.
Thanks ever so much to the team at RSPCA Barnsley for the amazing support and care you gave Motsi before she joined us but also for us as her adoptive family too. You do an incredible job.
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  ALL ABOUT REHOMING                                              October 2nd 2019      EXCLUSIVE

Our kittens go down a Storm!
"We adopted Luna and Storm at the end of August 2019 and I just wanted to share a little bit about our fantastic experience through RSPCA.
We were hoping to adopt 2 kittens, ideally siblings, and so I checked out the RSPCA website on a regular basis to help give me an idea of the process and of course see the gorgeous cats and kittens available for adoption.
As soon as I saw the photos and description of Luna and Storm I fell in love and knew they were meant to be!
I completed the Perfect Match form to register our interest and heard back from Jackie, the lovely Cat Co-Ordinator, within a couple of hours.
As the kittens were ready for immediate adoption and we were in a position to adopt
straight away, arrangements were made to go and meet them and if all went well, to bring them home with us too.
It was a very exciting time and am delighted to say that Luna and Storm have now been living with us for around 5 weeks.
Jackie was extremely helpful and provided plenty of guidance and recommendations about everything needed to set up in readiness for their arrival.
For me, it was the peace of mind provided by adopting through RSPCA. There is an adoption fee which I feel is worth every penny. I like the fact that they are checked over by vets, provided with any treatment if required, and all initial vaccinations done too. 
I also love the fact they are looked after by fosterers in their own homes until ready for adoption and so can provide an insight into personalities and behaviour.
During the short time Luna and Storm have been with us it has been such a joy getting to know them and see how their individual personalities develop.
Luna is like a sleek black panther, very independent, but also a big softie when she's ready for a cuddle! She loves to retrieve foil wrapper balls and would happily do so all day long! Her brother Storm is a big fluffy bundle and purrs and chats away non-stop. They adore each other and do everything together and always like to know where we are and so keep an eye on us too. They have crazy play times every day and then I think my favourite time is when they eventually give in to sleep and give the best purry cuddles!
UPDATE! They have ventured outside into their lovely garden. See latest photos above.
Luna and Storm's Mum
16th December
Thanks to her lovely new family, Ruby is settling in well and ready for Christmas!
17th December
"Kitkat now Ruby has settled in so well in 5 hours. Thank you again"
16th December
This is Akira (was Molly). She is settling into her new home really well and is becoming part of their little family.
16th December
'This is Luna- and yes, she is beautiful! She knows it!
We adopted Luna when she was only 9 weeks old from her lovely foster home. Despite not theeasiest start in life she is an incredibly fun loving, playful and affectionate kitten. She is a  very sociable girl who loves to play but also curl up on our laps for a  fuss!
Thank you so much, RSPCA Barnsley for doing such an important job and for all your help matching us with Luna. Can't imagine life without her now.
29th October
Zebedee's been been with us approximately three months now and he’s an absolute joy.
He doesn’t sit on our knees but he’s incredibly affectionate. He loves a firm stroke and he jumps up to our hands requesting more attention. 
He’s probably outside for five or six hours a day. However, he’s in and out all the time rather than going on long expeditions.
He’s quite a hunter and one evening returned home with mice on three occasions. They’re usually unharmed and we are able to return them outside! About a month ago he brought home a dragonfly!
At night time he usually stays downstairs when we go to bed. However, he must quietly come upstairs as he’s usually asleep on our bed when we wake up in the morning.
Here he is enjoying a rest lying on his cat scratching bed next to a warm radiator and a bag of cat mint.
He’s adorable and he brings us so much pleasure with his antics.
7th October
'Tilly has really settled in. Shes amazing. So loving, she brought her toys up the other night one by one and brought them in to our bedroom. She wanted to play but unfortunatley it was 3am!
9th September
'The boys are settling in well, not causing too much mayhem, but they have a mad hour every night after 9pm where they play, fight and chase each other and toys around the room! They are so funny and developing great personalities.
We have decided on Dave for the black one, and Trevor for the tabby.
I have attached some pics of them. My girls are so in love! In fact my eldest cried when we brought them home, as they reminded her of our old cats!'
2nd September
This is Poppy (was Evie) who went to her new home in June this year. Her new Mum says she has settled in very well and getting on well with their current cat, Pippa.
When Poppy forst went home, her new mum said 'she is full of beans, very lively and inquisitive - not still for more than a second'.
19th August
I didn't see myself as a cat owner but my son really wanted one. So I had a look on the rspca rather than buying one from an unknown person. I read a story about two brother kittens that had had a bit of bad start life by being dumped. I went to view them and knew if I was going to get a cat it would be them. They couldn't be separated as they were really close so I adopted both kittens.
To begin with they were quite frightened of my dog and was protective over themselves. However I persisted to give them the chance to settle in and get used to my dog and eventually they did. All three of them now get on really well and the two brother kittens can't stand to be away from each. 
One of my kittens is really good at being handled by children and is really comfortable being carried around the house. The other much prefers adult company and loves to have a kiss and cuddle at night. They are two completely different personalities but wouldn't be themselves without each other. 
If you are thinking of adopting I can't stress enough how good the rspca is and how amazing my two new fur balls are. All it took was a bit of persisisstance and patience for them to get used to my dog and they've settled lovely into our family home..
29th July
After coming in to us with some nasty injuries and being with us for several weeks recovering, adorable Zebedee has finally landed on all four paws!
His new 'owners' have been sending us regular updates since he went to his new home- and it's looking like he's one very happy boy!
" We'd only been home 10 minutes when he settled in to attack his cat mint toy"
"He's settled in remarkably quickly"
"He's adorable, very affectionate, very playful."
"It was love at first sight and we will always adore him."
Happy owners, happy Zebedee, happy us!!
Thank you.
25th June
"A few years ago we lost our cat that we had had for 17 years she was from RSPCA as a kitten and was part of our growing family when our children came along. 
The children have been asking to have a cat for a while and we have said no as it wasn't the right time up until recently when our daughter saw some kittens at a friend's. After long discussions we needed to agree the right type of cat/cats to fit into our family life. Over a few weeks we decided that we would like 2 cats  and I started to look on rspca web sites around the area and surrounding areas. 
   I found oreo and sparky and showed our family, all instantly falling in love. They were brothers and both were being rehomed together. 
At 2 1/2 years old we know we could give them a happy home. I looked at their history and they were suitable to live with children, having a 5 year old he can be loud at times. 
  The cats were scared at first and spent 2 days huddled together in a basket. We all put hard work in to gain their trust and the children were amazing at being patient. 
  Now they have found their feet they have are both showing their very different  personalities.
They love the outdoors and our garden is an adventure every time they go out. They love cuddles and playing. 
 We love how they make us laugh and cant imagine being without them. 
 The RSPCA were fantastic they have kept in touch and any questions or concerns I have had they gave advice and support."
20th May
Lexus & Porsche - now Fitz & Simmons - This gorgeous  pair now have a lovely family and have settled in really quickly.
Just what all our cats dream of!
20th May
Henderson and Beans went to their lovely new home last week-
Yesterday they were sleeping under the sideboard, today they like to sleep on the chairs under the table. I think we’re all going to be very happy!
21st March
'We would love our little Lola to be on the hall of fame!
 I’ve bought her some toys and got some webbox sticks today ...she’s so quick and got her face in (her dad's)  cornflakes this morning drinking the milk  - when I was making toast at dinner time she was up on the top licking the butter from the butter dish when my back was turned ! 
She’s on the go all day long and in bed ( our bed ) before us every night. She’s doing really well in all aspects, we love her to bits and spoil her rotten. Thank you so much for all you have done for us and Lola.
20th March
'Dexter’s continuing to settle in really well and is every bit as fussy as you said he was. 
He spends each evening with us on the sofa and follows us round during the day.  He will take himself off to his bed or upstairs when he wants a bit of time to himself.  He’s eating really well and soon polishes off a packet of cat food.   He’s not too greedy though as he’s always got biscuits down and only eats those occasionally.  
We’re really pleased at how well he’s taken to his litter tray, bed and scratch post, you’ve obviously trained him well.
As you can see he loves the underfloor heating in the kitchen.
When he needs a break from the underfloor heating the bar stools make a nice perch to rest on. 
The New Home card on the Island is for Dexter from our youngest daughter.  She’s 27 but as daft as a brush when it comes to animals.  
15th March
From being left behind by her previous owner and living on the streets for months, Neva has now found her forever home.
Her new family say 'She is very affectionate, beautiful and playful (she doesn't sleep all the time, even if it looks like it!). We love her very much.'
14th March
These lovely little boys have come on leaps and bounds since they were rehomed.They are really well, very affectionate and playful. Seen here with 'mum', and growing up in their forever home.
Big thanks to their new family!
25th February
"12 week old kitten (Fluffy) rehomed 2 days ago.
Has loads of toys but all she wants is my mobile phone and cup of tea!!"
A big thank you to her new family.
UPDATE June 2019:
Betty is now around 30 weeks old. Her  mum tells us she has settled well especially now that she's able to go out in the garden. She loves climbing, and although still a  little excitable, is good company and describes her as 'a  little treasure'.
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