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After having read and followed the advice below, if you would like us to feature your missing pet, or a pet which has been found, click the arrow below and fill in the appropriate online form with as much accurate detail as you can.
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      If you're pet is missing, below is a checklist to help you.
  • If you have lost a dog, contact the Barnsley dog warden on 01226 773555.
  • Call Barnsley Lost & Found list on 01226 285662.
  • Contact all your local vets to give them a description of your missing pet.
  • You may contact our Facebook Page, where you can send a clear photo of your missing pet and some information so we can display it on our wall.
  • Call Barnsley Council in case your pet has been picked up by them following a  road trafiic accident. They can now scan for microchips.
  • There are some useful and effective 'lost pet' social media groups local to you who may help.
  • Contact your local police to ask if they are aware of an animal of that description being found.
  • Your milkman and postman may also be able to help by looking out for your pet on their rounds.
  • The RSPCA suggests you register your animal with Pets Located, an online resource to reunite owners with their missing pets. 
  • Call your microchip company to alert them so they flag your pet up as missing.
  • Ask in local shops etc if you can put posters there with a picture of your pet. Please be aware though that local councils may prosecute for fly posting, so we suggest you do not put up posters on lamp posts, telegraph poles, fences, etc.
  • Local newspapers may have a section for advertising lost pets and you could even ask local radio stations if they can make an announcement about your search.
  • If you have information that the RSPCA may have picked up your animal, call the cruelty and advice line 0300 1234 999.
Be sure to get your pets microchipped in case they go missing in future.
Ask your vet about microchipping and watch out for local charity run microchipping events.
Have you found a stray dog?
  • Check the dog for a tag with phone number or address and contact owner
  • If there is a vet close to where you are, ask them to scan the dog for a microchip
  • If this is not possible, call the Dog Warden (during office hours)
Barnsley:     01226 773555
  • If you've found the dog out of office hours, call the RSPCA helpline (0300 1234 999) and they will advise you. Please be aware this line is for cruelty cases and experiences a very high volume of calls at all hours of the day, so you may need to wait some time.
    Injured Cats (or dogs)
  • Call the RSPCA helpline on 0300 1234 999
  • If possible, take the animal to your nearest vet or animal hospital
Stray cats
We're inundated with concerned calls about stray cats.
While we obviously totally understand the concern for a cat which seems unknown in the area, this can often be just a new cat in the neighbourhood, investigating and looking for extra food and fuss.
However, it's possible it can be lost, or registered as missing with worried owners, or even feral (feral cats rarely approach people).
There's a good guide on our national website which can help determine what to do next. Please consider the options before contacting us.
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