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Here she is - Our beautiful Purdy is finally ready for her new home!
Our lovely 1 year old Purdy came to us in March and gave birth to 3 lovely kittens within a matter of hours.
She was plagued with ear problems and had to have her ears cleaned every day and was on countless antibiotics.
Once the kittens were old enough, a specialist recommended surgery to try and clear the polyps that were causing the problem, but, despite having this major surgery it didn’t solve the problem and further surgery was recommended this time to remove her right ear canal.
This has left her deaf in this ear but the vet thinks she has some hearing in the left. She also now has a wonky ear which will look less so once the fur has grown back, and only adds to her charm.
Aside from all that, this girl is a stunningly beautiful cat with gorgeous silver tabby markings and the most vivid green eyes we have ever seen.
Poor Purdy has been through so much in her very young life and hasn’t complained once, she has just purred her way through this very tough time.
Our fosterer has said that she is absolutely adorable and loves her food and cuddle time, she also loves to play and would suit someone with no other pets or young children to startle her.
 She will  also have to be largely an indoor cat now, but maybe with access to a catio or secure garden.
So are you that special someone who can give her the fabulous life that she deserves?... please give us a call if you are.
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Found a mum and kittens outside?
At this time of year in particular, please keep a look out for mum cats and kittens, or litters of kittens living outdoors.
Sometimes, mum cats about to give birth will find unusual places they think are safe to have their babies.
Often in these cases they struggle to find enough food to feed themselves and as a result, usually coupled with the fact that they are still very young themselves. they struggle to produce any milk for their little ones.
If you find mums and kittens or kittens alone or in litters, please don't approach them but contact us on 07823 550886 and we may be able to help.
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image of dog being microchipped
More and more pets are returning home due to having been microchipped, months and even years after going missing or living stray.
It is now illegal in England to own a dog without a  microchip. Owners who do not comply could face fines of up to £500.
Microchipping costs only a few pounds, is virtually painless and is done in seconds. 
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Dogs & Rabbits
As we don't yet have an animal centre, most of our dogs & rabbits are cared for by our colleagues at Chesterfield Branch.
All our cats are cared for temporarily by volunteer fosterers, in their homes in the Barnsley area, until a forever home becomes available.
Our cats are not free, there's a fixed donation to cover pre-adoption costs.
Have a look at our feline beauties to see who you'd like to give a loving forever home.
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If you own a cat (dog,rabbit, guinea pig or other small pet), male or female, it is your responsibility to have him or her neutered as soon as your vet advises it is appropriate, and we cannot stress enough the importance of doing this.
Please don't add to the homeless crisis. 
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Owners have a legal responsibilty to meet all of their animals' needs under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.
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Animal Snares
We are wholeheartedly against the use of animal snares.
These are indiscriminate devices which use a thin loop of wire to tighten around any part of the animal caught causing devastating, brutal effects and eventual death.
Many other European countries have banned snares but shockingly they are still legal in the UK.
According to DEFRA, in 2012, besides hares, badgers and foxes, the remaining 14% caught in these barbaric traps were classed as 'other', including deer, cats and dogs.
Please sign the League Against Cruel Sports' petition to try to stop this.
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Help change the law on air gun ownership in England and Wales
Cats Protection has launched an online campaign to urge the government to bring in air gun licensing laws across England & Wales. This is becoming more and more of a problem in our area with many animals losing limbs/eyes for absolutely no reason.
Please help change this by signing the petition.
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Our Donation Boxes
Cat litter & good quality kitten food needed urgently.
We're desperate for both these crucial donations.
We have food donation boxes at:
  • Tesco Stairfoot
  • Tesco Penistone
  • Morrisons Barnsley
  • Cookes Pet Store, Barnsley.
You can also leave these at Abbey Vets, Dodworth Rd.
Please help if you can.