Charity Shop volunteers needed (Town Centre and Wombwell).
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2 new missing cats (Monday 16th October)
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Overlooked Mum Cats
At the moment Barnsley Branch has around 40 cats and kittens in its care, needing homes.
Besides kittens, these are all mum cats, sometimes barely even adult, brought in to us either pregnant or trying to feed kittens when they might have no food for themselves.
Sometimes they've come from truly desperate situations, but have been wonderful mums and brought their kittens up perfectly until the time has come to rehome them.
Often though, the kittens are picked quickly, leaving a young, frightened and lonely mum waiting for long periods of time (often in a pen because fosterers have their own cats as well), before the loving home she deserves comes along.
Our cats are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated before adoption, and loved adult cats can offer years of faithful companionship and unconditional love wiithout the mayhem kittens can bring.
Please don't overlook our beautiful girls who only now want a warm, cosy home as the weather gets colder, and the love and care you can give them.
Below are some of our little ones. See our rehoming page and call us now.
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12 Months
This beautiful little tabby/tortie girl is Sophie, who was brought in by RSPCA Inspectors as her needs were not being met.
She had just had a litter of kittens and was very thin but she has completely
blossomed and is now the most delightful cat both inside and out.
We estimate that she is about 1 year old, she is back to the weight that she should be and her coat is now glossy and she is a very chilled-out little girl.
Always ready for a fuss and a cuddle Sophie will make a wonderful family pet
because although she has missed out on her own kitten-hood she made an amazing mum and will be a great addition to any household.
A truly lovely cat.

11 Months
Rose was found in a warehouse, desperately trying to feed her 6 kittens on little more than fresh air and a few mice!!
Someone kindly stepped in to help Rose and her kittens and all are now thriving. The kittens will shortly be available for re-homing and then it will be Rose's turn to be cosseted and finally find her very own family.
Rose is a stunning girl with lots of red/brown autumn-like colours in her beautiful semi-longhaired coat.
We estimate that Rose is probably less than one year old.
Once again, we cannot imagine how such a gorgeous, loving,  friendly girl found herself alone in the middle of a trading estate. She has had a rough start to life, but we have promised her that we will find her the perfect family.
She will make a great addition to any home, she would probably enjoy being an only cat, but is fine with children.


1 Year
SALLY is a very colourful lady who was brought in by RSPCA Inspectors with (yet again)  6 gorgeous kittens.
She has been an amazing mum to her lively brood but are they are all now finding their forever homes, so Sally will also be ready soon to look for a home of her own.
She is a very pretty tortie and white girl and is no more than one year old, she is very friendly and loves attention and as you can see from the photos she really enjoys her food!!

2 Years
Elsa is a stunning Calico Tortie of approx  2 years of age and she was brought in by RSPCA Inspectors as her needs were not being met by her owners.
Having had lots of kittens she was both exhausted and scared when she first came in, but she is now beginning to trust again and loves having a stroke and a tickle.


1 Year
This very loving little girl is one year old Rosie, brought in by RSPCA Inspectors having been found trapped and heavily pregnant.
She has now raised her little family and is looking forward to some well deserved "me time" and a very special home and family all of her own.
Rosie is very comfortable around children, very friendly and affectionate - she just loves being picked up and fact there are no down-sides to Rosie, she is just an all-round lovely cat.
Branch Coverage
image of dog being microchipped
  • More and more pets are returning home due to having been microchipped, months and even years after going missing or living stray.
  • It is now illegal in England to own a dog without a  microchip. Owners who do not comply could face fines of up to £500.
  • Microchipping costs only a few pounds, is virtually painless and is done in seconds. 
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Dogs & Rabbits
As we don't yet have an animal centre, most of our dogs & rabbits are cared for by our colleagues at Chesterfield Branch.
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All our cats are cared for temporarily by volunteer fosterers, in their homes in the Barnsley area, until a forever home becomes available.
Our cats are not free, there's a fixed donation to cover pre-adoption costs.
Have a look at our feline beauties to see who you'd like to give a loving forever home.
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If you own a cat (dog,rabbit, guinea pig or other small pet), male or female, it is your responsibility to have him or her neutered as soon as your vet advises it is appropriate, and we cannot stress enough the importance of doing this.
Please don't add to the homeless crisis. 
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Owners have a legal responsibilty to meet all of their animals' needs under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.
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Help change the law on air gun ownership in England and Wales
Cats Protection has launched an online campaign to urge the government to bring in air gun licensing laws across England & Wales. This is becoming more and more of a problem in our area with many animals losing limbs/eyes for absolutely no reason.
Please help change this by signing the petition.
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Food Donation Boxes

'Non clumping' cat litter & good quality kitten food needed urgently
We're desperate for both these crucial donations.
We have food donation boxes at Tesco Stairfoot, Tesco Penistone, Morrisons Barnsley and Cookes Pet Store, Barnsley.
Please help if you can.