A Special Appeal For Sweetpea
Sweetpea is a quiet and gentle girl with a sweet nature, and we estimate her to be 1-2 years old.
Our beautiful girl was found in an horrific state, with the lower part of her front leg missing and the upper part totally devoid of any fur. Why?- we think that she had been caught in a trap.
Sadly, the vets had to amputate, but whilst she does have a disability, she should still lead a relatively normal life - 3 legged cats adapt very well in a short space of time.
With no microchip and no-one coming forward to claim her, our special little girl is looking for a quiet, loving and permanent home she can call her own.
Can you help change her fortune?
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Branch Coverage
image of dog being microchipped
  • More and more pets are returning home due to having been microchipped, months and even years after going missing or living stray.
  • It is now illegal in England to own a dog without a  microchip. Owners who do not comply could face fines of up to £500.
  • Microchipping costs only a few pounds, is virtually painless and is done in seconds. 
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Dogs & Rabbits
As we don't yet have an animal centre, most of our dogs & rabbits are cared for by our colleagues at Chesterfield Branch.
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All our cats are cared for temporarily by volunteer fosterers, in their homes in the Barnsley area, until a forever home becomes available.
Our cats are not free, there's a fixed donation to cover pre-adoption costs.
Have a look at our feline beauties to see who you'd like to give a loving forever home.
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If you own a cat (dog,rabbit, guinea pig or other small pet), male or female, it is your responsibility to have him or her neutered as soon as your vet advises it is appropriate, and we cannot stress enough the importance of doing this.
Please don't add to the homeless crisis. 
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Owners have a legal responsibilty to meet all of their animals' needs under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.
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Food Donation Boxes

'Non clumping' cat litter & good quality kitten food needed urgently
We're desperate for both these crucial donations.
We have food donation boxes at Tesco Stairfoot, Tesco Penistone, Morrisons Barnsley and Cookes Pet Store, Barnsley.
Please help if you can.
Donation Station
Cookes Pet Supplies 
Wakefield Rd, Barnsley, S71 1NG
Cookes Pet Supplies have generously offered to become a 'Donation Station' for us.
This means that you can collect donation sacks from them, fill with your donations (either for our charity shop or with items of clean cat bedding, bowls, cat toys, non clumping litter etc for our cats in foster homes) and then return them to Cookes for us to collect.
They also have a food collection box where you may donate cat food. We always need quality kitten food especially.
Thank you in advance for your generosity.